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Finding Peace in my Craft Room

Having a place to unwind and is so important. For me, that place is my home. I view my home as my sanctuary because I can retreat here, be at peace, and feel inspired.

I am grateful that within my home, I have a craft room where I am able to explore my creativity and dedicate time towards my small business; Vue Decors.

I am currently in the middle of reorganizing and decluttering my craft room but I am slowly making progress day by day. I realize that I am battling a work/life balance which is why I am struggling to get this space to reflect my vision.

However over the years, I have learned that my environment and surroundings play a large role in my outlook and the way that I feel. Therefore, I always do my best to surround myself with positive vibes and a positive space.

Here's a sneak peek at my craft room. 💛


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